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    The sea resort of Primorsko lies picturesquely conveniently on a peninsula only 55 km. from Burgas.
Our  seaside house for rent    in sandy beach resort is situated directly on the  south  Black  Sea  coast.

Would you like to experience one  cheap family vacation  completely by your personal desires and private conceptions?  Then here you are exactly right.  Experience unforgettable weeks or months with personal care and relaxation in one miraculous place, purely turquoise sea and find a serene coast with amber colored sand, many dunes and a crystal-clean calm sea, where the sands beaches lean easily into the water. Primorsko remains one of our favorite places because of the attentiveness of the people, the cleanliness of the place and the great advice for a good holiday.

Почивка на море в Приморско на ул.Ропотамо 2A.
Strandurlaub in Primorsko, Ropotamo Str.2a
Летние каникулы в Приморско - Болгария.
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Holiday rooms and apartments
 Holiday rooms and apartments 
Seaside restaurant during the beach vacation
Seaside restaurant
the beach
 The beach 
Summer holiday on the beach to the north
 The beach to the north 
Ropotamo river
Ropotamo river
natural phenomenon lions head
natural phenomenon lions head
craggy arduous shore by Kondros
craggy arduous shore by Kondros
A place, which is preferred by the divers
a place preferred by scuba divers
summer holiday on the beach by Perla
summer holiday on the beach by Perla
vacation on the south beach
vacation on the south beach
Spot snake island
spot snake island
the harbour - Primorsko
the harbour - Primorsko
white water lilies
white water lilie by Arkutino
The water lilies by Arkutino
moonlight near the sea
house for holiday

Our family owned lodge guest house is also conveniently located within 300 meters of north sandy beach, close to the city centre being only a 7 minute walking distance of the south beach. Perfect for enjoying the famous Bulgarian sunshine, with an abundance of shops and eateries in the immediate area, the vacation home is popular with guests in search of a livelier holiday.
If you're looking for an individual cheap holiday rooms and apartments that caters to your every need, it is the site for you. We offer a good standard of accommodation and a relaxed, clean atmosphere to ensure that your stay with us is pleasurable. Within easy reach of entertainment and cultural attractions, the shopping, dining, restaurants and food shops, there are also two bakeries, which prepare different kinds of the breakfasts. Quiet area and our guest house attention, is a guarantor for comfort and placidity.
At guests' disposal is a large northern courtyard with a barbecue, tables, chairs and benches.
The rooms are with satellite TV .

8180 Primorsko,   2A "Ropotamo" Str.
Stoycho  Georgiev  Stoychev
Primorsko   phone:  +359 (0) 550 32456   
Mobile ( cell, GSM ) :    +359 (0) 8888 00776                 
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 The information is executed mainly by phone and e-mail.
The reservation is guaranteed by sending deposit - by bank transfer or Western Union - Money Transfer :
Bulgaria,    8180  Primorsko,   2A  Ropotamo Str.,    Stoycho   Georgiev   Stoychev

Spend the summer on the beach in the Bulgarian paradise.
Welcome to the best at the Beach!

 The best at the Beach